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Local 12 Year-old Chess Champ

David Floeder is a chess aficionado with champion next to his name. No, he isn’t some middle aged man playing this strategy game for decades, he’s a 12 year-old who’s been playing for less than ten years. But his appearance and youthfulness shouldn’t deceive you, because Floeder can play. In an Orlando based national tournament last year, Floeder took first place out of 95 seventh graders, beating many higher seeded players. In fact, of the final ten in th
Posted on 11 November 2013

MnDOT Looking to Relieve Congestion

Anyone driving on 35E or 35W during peak traffic hours can tell you the worst spots of congestion that test a driver’s ability to handle the frustration that is called bumper to bumper traffic. MnDOT, the Minnesota Department of Transportation, is looking into solutions to fix the areas that clog the most.
Posted on 17 February 2013

Acqua is One of the Most Beautiful Spots to Eat Around

This charming restaurant that rests on the Western Shore of White Bear Lake screams distinctive from every angle. Look at the place (above). The beautifully modeled and decorated space looks nothing like your typical and common chain restaurant. Sadly with the weather in Minnesota no longer being so forgiving, the gorgeous patios overlooking the lakes will not be open. The menu is Italian centered and Acqua stresses they only use fresh local ingredients when
Posted on 28 November 2012

Two Companies Save a Ramsey County Ice Rink

Last month was not a good month for the Phalen Recreation Center. About $20,000 in damage was done to the center’s outdoor refrigerated rink when thieves stole the customized copper tubing that cooled the rink. The police still have no leads in the theft. Copper can be quite valuable and clearly this site is prone to theft. So two local companies donated the replacement parts, but plastic composite replacements, and the labor to install the parts for free to get this rink flooded and serving the local skaters again. NAC Mechanical and Electrical Services teamed up with a supply
Posted on 01 January 1970